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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fonda-me, Fonda-you

I couldn't care less: if her book sells,
if plastic surgery plays a role,
if the fundas are not fonda Fonda.

I do care: that Jane Fonda runs in a tie with Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon for the First Annual "I-Don't-Care-How-Much-Damage-I-Do-WIth-My Reckless-Behavior Hedlinoos Award. But we must make a decision.

Fonda's smiling trip to Hanoi was, from her side, nothing more or less
than a stupid political dilletante's junket; it's impact, let's say on
the POW's for starters, went far beyond her reckless impulses,
however. Nevertheless, I give her only the third-place mauve rib-

Nixon, now there's a damage guy. He disgraced his country, brought
down his party, and worst of all, created an embarrassment/revenge
funk among his supporters that grew into the Right Wing we all
know and love today. Yet, this only gets him the second-place fuchsia
ribbon. But why not first? It seems so unfair!

I'll tell you why. No one, not Fonda, not Nixon, not even Nero,
can compete with the damage done by Smilin' Bill, the Ex-
Prez we all love to hear talk. I would like to believe that his
ongoing efforts to improve the lot of the poor and ill in the
Third World arise out of a cosmic sense of guilt for his sins:
not the infidelity to his wife....that's so American; not the
reduction of the Oval Office to his personal heaven.....that's
been done before; no, it's what he did to his party and his
people that earns him our First Annual I-Don't-Care-How-
Much-Damage-I-Do-With-My-Reckless-Behavior Hedlinoos
Award. Bill opened up the D.C. scene to an impeachment
vendetta, crippled his party,and gave the fundas enough ammo
to take over our democracy in spades. How's that? I think
that clearly wins him the piss-colored ribbon for first place. I,
for one, will be pissed off at him for decades for doing that.

Anyone wishing to send this along to Smilin' Bill, go to it.

End of Ruminations for today.


At 12:59 PM, Blogger Larry Grogan said...

I couldn't agree more, especially with your evaluation of Fonda as a dilletante, as well as your feelings on Clinton.
They both need to close their mouths for a while.
It's tough being a liberal these days, with folks like that stinking up the joint.

At 10:48 PM, Anonymous beavermama said...

You know, I could never understand the seething hatred I have seen conservatives ooze at the mere mention of the name Clinton -- Bill or "Hill". But, I think now you are right -- that we should call him out for the damage he's done to liberal credibility. And yet, dems are usually careful about how they handle the subject, like they don't want to jinx the good fortune we enjoyed during "the Clinton years," but that good fortune came to an abrupt halt because "sweet dick willy" (spike lee reference) couldn't leave the arkansas at home. I guess we should be pissed about that, but I'm still more disappointed at the chances he squandered to make real social change in his first 100 days than in his VICE presidency.


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