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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Old Sisyphus had it better, I think.

Today's ordinary guy, (previously known as the 'working stiff',) doesn't stand a chance. He's caught up in a maelstrom of verbiage, a morass of lies, and a veritable hurricane of things that don't last.

As I ask the question, how will things get better, I find myself at a total loss. I have been newly introduced to the blogosphere, and while I am encouraged by some of the great thinking I have seen,(in the midst of so much mush,) I do not see anything happening.(I fear the b-sphere has the look, at first glance,of one big massive group stroking.) Sinclair Lewis once wrote a book, "It Can't Happen Here," in which this docile country was, against all possibility, taken over by a dictatorship. I never thought it could happen. I think it has. Perhaps we just don't recognize it. Did we notice that, while we are blogging and slogging through the mess that greed for power/and,or/ wealth has created, we are under the thumb of people who are doing whatever they please. Doing whatever they please,mind you, without worrying about anyone stopping them. Not only is the government in the hands of a cabal, but they daily are "mole"ing into the departments of government in such a way as to guarantee future subversion of democratic hopes, and a fair shake for the "working stiff."

During the Reagan (curse the name,) years, I noted that the right wing must have smarted so much at the tactics of the Communists and their ability to thumb their noses at us, that they took up the study of those tactics in earnest. The '04 election was a textbook model of propagandistic double-speak, and effective character assassination. Did you notice? They got away with it. At every point, when they needed a new voice for their groundless accusations, one came out of the woodwork. These people are organized, in spades. The milquetoast opposition is not. So what can be expected? They WILL NOT allow the Congress to fall into Democratic hands; they have too much at stake, and they are fanatic about it.

Do you know any believer in the democratic process who is fanatic enough to take them on? Should such a person arise out of the political morphosphere, he/she had better be a fighter-not-a-smiler wearing better armor than was provided to our troops in Iraq, because, count on it, they will be out to assassinate, personally and physically.

I am reminded of the events in Eastern Europe following WWII. By whatever means was necessary, the Russians took over every government in Eastern Europe, and held them imprisoned for 50 years, before their system died of congestive heart failure. (In truth, contrary to rightist thinking, Ron Reagan had very little to do with it, unless standing in front of massive Stars and Stripes was his secret weapon.) It will not likely take that severe an effort for the right wing to control the USA for the next fifty years; it's too easy for them.

What's to blame? Try rampant materialism. This country is so soft, no one wants to get up off their bottoms to take the government back from these crazies.

Someone, save me! Save us all!

End of ruminations for 4.13.06

Dja notice: millions of legals/illegals took to the streets this week to fight for a better life; when was the last time WE had millions in the streets? (Whoever WE is.)

Tomorrow, whatever.


At 2:33 PM, Anonymous mk said...

Joe Gee you are so right, uh, I mean correct. I know that a lot of people pooh pooh it when people throw around the word "fascist" but these guys really are right there. Wiretaps without warrants!?! All the while claiming to be strict constitutional constructionists? Puh-lease. Also, thanks for the little bit of Reagan bashing. That guy never got the media scrutiny he deserved during his time in office. Let's hope historians (not Edmund Morris) will do a better job. George Bush is unfortunately a direct descendant of RR. A pox on them both.


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