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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ruminations in any order

First Rumination:In response to Larry over at Funky Sixteen Corners, whose question was: if oranges are called oranges, then why aren't eggplants called "purples?", I offer the following choices:

Are eggplants not called "Purples" because:

1)lemons are not called "yellows", or
2) the name "purples" has been pre-empted by those States
which can neither be placed in the "red" or "blue" column
and are therefore referred to as "purples",or,
3)the first man to discover the previously unnamed eggplant
in the wild found it, not out in the open, but nestled cozily
under the now famous giant eight-foot tall Rhode Island Red
chicken on a small pig farm in Secaucus, N.J. It was so
delicate, it had to be carried off in a net; thus the name of the
New Jersey Nets.

Second Rumination:I am a baseball fan. Yesterday I witnessed a mega-millions outfielder having to be almost forced out of the dugout to take a "curtain call," because he was in a snit because the fans had booed him previously for a remarkable lack of production. His explanation for this largesse bestowed on the fans, "I am a Christian person, and I felt I should do what God wanted me to do." Well, damn it, why wasn't he listening to God before now? I'm sure God gave him the hit signal from His perch atop the home dugout.

Third Rumination:Today was Charles and Camilla's first anniversary; and I forgot to send a card.What's happening to me?

End of ruminations for today, 4.9.06


At 8:30 PM, Anonymous Uncle Bean said...

You know Mr G, that reminds me of how many athletes these days are constantly thanking god for being on their side after a meaningless victory of one sort or another. It begs the question, what kind of god chooses one team over another? And what criteria would "he" use anyway? Team name? Uniform color? Supposed moral superiority? And shouldn't god be doing something more important than taking sides in a baseball game? Or maybe these guys just take their lead from the religious zealots running our country these days. Anyway, this is my first post to your blog, just wanted to say it's always an enlightening and interesting read, keep up the good work.


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