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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Save the Next Child

In Darfur, a slaughter is taking place that would make Adolf Hitler and the Japanese Warlords green with envy. Cruelty is running amok.
At this point , relief workers are being told to leave the country. This means much more than a cutoff of food and medicine to displaced refugees; it means there will be no witnesses to what happens next.

Please give thought to making Darfur your first priority: every communication you send, post the demand....."DARFUR FIRST." Can there possibly be anything more important to consider? Get informed on what has been happening there. Information must be followed by a sense of shock and horror.

Think about the potential of the internet in this crisis: an explosion of DARFUR FIRST should get someone's attention in the halls of government. We just might be able to save the next child from a horrible death. These killers aren't just killing innocents, they are enjoying it.

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