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Friday, March 31, 2006

Oh, It Doesn't Matter Anyway

I caught a politician taking blame today. It seemed like a special moment. Condy Rice admitted to many tactical errors by the Administration with respect to Iraq.

My moment was getting more and more special with every word.Then down came the hammer: it didn't matter too much, because "we" had achieved our goals. (Never mind that those goals were hidden away under the big WMD threat.) I asked myself if this was an acceptable "admission" of error; then it dawned on me: people had died because of those "errors."
What's that? I said "people had died because of those errors." People died because "smart" bombs are only as smart as the people who direct them; people had died because we sent them into battle without adequate body armor, or vehicle armor; people had died, and continue to, because we didn't pacify the whole of Iraq before we declared "mission accomplished",(which we probably could never have accomplished anyway;) yes, people had died, and continue to. So what happens to Condy and her boss and his motley crew? Nothing. What's that?
Nothing, I said.

So, as I said in the beginning, it doesn't matter anyway.
Like hell it doesn't.

Punny for the day:
ruminating is: 1) spraying your room with Raid
2) traveling in Rumania, or
3)doing the rhumba with your roomie
End of ruminations for 3.31.06


At 7:41 AM, Anonymous beavermama said...

One small correction, Big GEE, Condy actually admitted to THOUSANDS of tactical errors. Can you believe it? It's either feast or famine with these folks. One minute, Georgie Porgie can't recall a mistake (though he's sure he's made some). Now, they want to prostrate themselves and admit to THOUSANDS -- wholly cow!!! But, in their inimical style, they move on from this apalling statement, rolling on through the rhetoric -- BUT we're accomplishing our goals (the ones that change as the situation changes), and "things are better than the media depict. Yeah, right. I'm pretty humble, but I don't think I've ever admitted to THOUSANDS of mistakes. If I did, I think I'd have to quit whatever I was making so many mistakes at -- don't you?


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