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Friday, April 07, 2006


Rejoicing at the arrival of Spring is so common: poets, songwriters, meteorologists, baseball fans, on and on ad nauseam. This uproar clearly shows a failure to grasp the features of winter we will not see in these parts for nine months. Oh, the loss. (In Pennsylvania, at least.Apologies to all those outside my meteorological system.)

Consider the trees. After all the chagrin at the FALLing of the leaves, take notice of the form of the trees. Winter is the only time one can appreciate the variety of design in trees, as that design is totally exposed with the damn leaves out of the way. You just can't see that in mid-summer. There are but a few expositions of the nature of all creation: plant growth is one; orbital structure, (from the atom all the way out to the galaxies, and if we could see it all, probably all of the Universe,) is the other. Again, the first of these is truly appreciated when we get the damn leaves out of the way.

Add to all that reality the biting cold wind stinging your face in a winter storm, and appreciate the true beauties of Winter.

No more of this mush about the arrival of wonderful Spring. Stop that singing!

Punny: have you ever noticed.....................................

End of ruminations for 4.7.06


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