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Monday, July 24, 2006

Mustn't Talk With Food In Your Mouth

Did the whole world miss it?

I guess because of the media's puritan-potty-training angst, when the President said "shit," like the whole word took a bounce. That alone is ridiculous ; the big issue, however, was totally spaced.

Consider: here sits this guy, by the greatest political accident of all, conversing with the at-least-duly-elected Prime Minister of the Brits, looking like he's at a ballgame leaning over the back of his seat to discuss strikes and ballgirls with a mouthful of peanuts all of which have not been properly shelled, TALKING WITH HIS MOUTH FULL!

I don't doubt he is not the first to do so, but none of the others got photographed while doing so, the while saying SHIT! Try this at home. You can't possibly complete the exercise without spitting nuts and shells all over the room.

Land o' goshen, and howdydoo! What lies in wait for us next?


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