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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Double "WHAT?"

The TV ad says: "If shaving your legs
is not a threat to
your masculinity, then
you're a Mitchum man!



I have occasionally explored a theory that the most obvious cause for the breakdown in what used to be a viable American culture is the drive for profit by entrepreneurs, large and small, but mostly large. Is nothing sacred?

When the earring thing started happening in the sixties, it was a valid statement of sexual, stylistic, and cultural individuality, no profit involved.Since then, however, the effort to make Man into Woman II has never let up. The most ridiculous of all was the guys heading to the salon for that poodle-type "Do," the most obvious offender being the former Dodger pitcher Don Sutton. Tell me it's not about money. If a guy goes to the "salon" for a "do" he's dropping anywhere from $35 to hundreds of bucks for the privilege. At Tony's Barber Shop, (you know, with the pepperment rotating outside,) he would have spent $15 to $20. Mitchum? Well, with every new concept comes a new scent, right? Uh-oh, l said the word: SCENT. Language usage can be indicative of subtle change in society and attaching SCENT to maleness,assuming it does not denote the animal following a scent for the kill, is such an example.

Don't sit by and watch your culture emasculated! Rise up! Get out there and get a damned HAIRCUT! Now there's a simple, uncluttered word for you, HAIRCUT.And don't forget those calendars on the walls at Tony's.

End of Ruminations for today, 5.21.06

Dja know? The word ruminations derives from rumen, which has to do with the process of chewing and rechewing of food in some animals. Gosh!


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