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Monday, May 15, 2006

There's Wartime, and Then There's Wartime

Here's one that Georgie Boy and the Texas Turdlets have slipped past us while we were dealing with the rest of the dog and pony show they call an administration: WAR POWERS.

I grew up through WWII. The impact was total. Everyone was involved; everyone was in favor. That was a time for WAR POWERS. Georgie Boy and the Texas Turdlets have casually dropped this term on us as an excuse for: shameful un-American treatment of prisoners, spying on our own people, using the National Guard as a permanent fighting force, RENDITION, (no one else was ever so creative with double-speak, ) and who knows how many other clandestine activities we haven't found out about yet.

In this slippery "authorization," Georgie Boy dishonors the whole effort that was WWII.

Can we even begin to assess the intensity of the disdain with which these guys view the Constitution of the United States of America?

End of Ruminations for today..... 5.15.06


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