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Thursday, May 18, 2006

After all, they're not all that bad.....................

Yesterday, John Corzine was taken to task by people speaking in behalf of the persecuted Falun Gong, for visiting China on a "Sell NJ' junket. His response was interesting, and perhaps revealing of the man's sensitivity level. To paraphrase, he said that after all, China wasn't in a persecutors league with South African Apartheid or the present day persecution in Sudan.


Who the hell cares? Is the lack of freedom and democratic procedure not "serious enough" to merit his attention? Wow!

The truth is, a convincing argument can, in fact, be made for trading with the likes of China, inspite of their human rights abuses. When I hear that "The New China" is being inundated with McDonalds and Starbucks installations, I feel that the future is safe. With materialism rampant in China, they will, in no time at all, be as soft as we are. After that point, tyrannical governments will fall, just as they did in the once powerful USSR. Though the cause in Russia was more the WANT of material goods, the cause in China will be the abundance of material goods.

Governor Corzine, however, that's a horse of another color.

End of ruminations for today, 5.18.06


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