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Monday, May 22, 2006

Big Picture:Simple Picture:Big Question:Simple Answer

The discussion goes on about building walls at our border.Blah, blah, blah,blah.
The discussion is about symptoms, not about the problem.

The problem is: the poor of the world are reaching for the means to survive in ways that all might agree are humane.Some come from Mexico; some come from Africa to the Canary Islands, and become Spain's problem. Some head for Eastern Europe fom Africa and Mediterranean and Middle Eastern areas. Some head for England from old empire nations, protectorates, etc.

The question is, do we wish to help them out?

The need: say yes or no.Simple.

The program: establish an international consortium to improve economies in poor countries; the quid pro quo.......those countries are responsible for channeling their emigrants through legal processes, established internationally.

The only complicated aspect of the problem is all the blah, blah, blah, that keeps running out of the mouths of those with an axe to grind.

End of Ruminations for today, 5.22.06


At 5:14 AM, Anonymous jaxfax said...

Dear hedinoos:

The media revolution has created a blend of prejudice and myth that do not permit a reasonable person to locate "wherefrom" and "whereto" the real facts and their substance should lead us.

We cannot solve reality problems without a real picture. Few journalists today are creating a real picture, except that powerful and evil ideas in the East and West seem to be in a guerilla war that only the "guerillas" know how to fight.

While this is going on, the real war, against human ills such as poverty, hunger, ignorance, spiritual emptiness goes virtually not fought because it is buried by the news of the war that we can see daily in the media.

Even the war on aids, in Africa, Asia and our East and West Coasts is confounded by lack of purpose and lack of money from all directly involved, and from the world's antisocial power brokers like Russia, China, and their camp-followers.

Are the terrible social and human catastrophes waiting for the final one, a world nuclear war leading to mutual self destruction?

Can evil ideas of absolute misdirected power of nations and ethnic/religious groups bringing us to this kind of end because they, and we, perhaps, cannot model ideas of love and caring for others, a basic teaching of our religion?

Will the current immigration chaos yield to some sense of order and management, or will planned disorder bring all the nations down, facing the ultimate disaster for mankind on earch mentioned above?

My answer is the the right values and righ ideas about man and the opportunities and limits of governments need worldwide support of all the power brokers. Lacking that we must concede the power of evil in our earthly lives, and live the model in our own spheres - till death brings us to personal fulfillment in a loving, caring, but just Creator. If not the latter, then there is no hope, and it is all meaningless, except to the power addicts.

Thanks for the chance to talk.



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